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Groupon essentially turned into a haunted house for a day. My initial impression of Groupon was that it was a very quirky and unique place to work.

It is definitely one of a kind in terms of work environment and company culture. The working relationship I have with merchants allows me to shed some light on what makes them special while creating offers that Groupon customers in the community will love. That has since changed as my parents are both now using the Groupon app and even used their first Groupon this summer.

I joined Groupon Volunteers during an event that was held at the office one afternoon. I saw a ton of awesome volunteer opportunities to sign up for and I decided to do a couple. My favorite one so far was creating sleeping bags for the homeless out of recycled grocery bags.


My team also created dog toys out of old t-shirts for a local animal shelter. Avenue Tavern. Aug 23, Featured , Milan , Profile , Sales. Ricordo una delle prime competition sales, le olimpiadi estive. Era una gara tra tutti i commerciali in Europa, sono arrivata prima e ho letto i risultati mentre ero in vacanza a Minorca. Per quanto ho urlato i miei vicini di ombrellone avranno pensato che avessi vinto la lotteria! Sono da pochi mesi Divisional Sales Manager per il mercato di Milano. Anche in questa occasione sono arrivata prima chiudendo collaborazioni con circa 10 partner.

Chi o cosa ti ispira? Erano i primi tempi di Groupon, in fase di start up la confusione regnava nel nostro ufficio. Poi ho imparato che non era confusione ma condivisione di idee e risultati e ho imparato ad apprezzare anche la confusione. Il nostro lavoro incarna perfettamente la mission aziendale.

Ci sono molte fantastiche storie in Groupon.

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Sono particolarmente orgogliosa del mio percorso di crescita in Groupon. Ho lavorato 3 anni come inside sales new business, sono poi entrata a far parte, sempre come commerciale, di un team Top Gun che chiudeva collaborazioni con partner importanti e di rilevanza anche nazionale. Inoltre il mio stile commerciale. Riesco facilmente ad entrare in empatia con i miei interlocutori e ad appassionarli al modello di business di Groupon.

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Mi considero una persona attenta alle esigenze di tutte le persone coinvolte nel processo di vendita, commerciali che devono fare il target, partner che hanno specifici obiettivi di business e utenti che sono alla ricerca di esperienze uniche. Ecco io cerco di mediare fra tutte queste esigenze per portare il mio team al successo. Inoltre organizzo spesso affiancamenti sia in appuntamenti telefonici che face to face, cercando in questo modo di portare il mio esempio e la mia esperienza.

I miei genitori comprano sul nostro sito dal giorno 1 di Groupon in Italia, per cui hanno ben chiaro cosa faccio e sono stati molto contenti quando ho comunicato loro di essere stata assunta in questa azienda. Che cosa hai fatto prima di Groupon?


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Come sei arrivato qui? Questo mi ha permesso di approcciare questa mia nuova avventura professionale senza preconcetti e di imparare molto velocemente. Certo anche facendo degli errori ma si sa, anche da quelli si impara! Pratico nuoto e sono appassionata di viaggi, se avessi tempo farei un giro del mondo solo con mio marito e uno zaino! E questa stessa emozione cerco di comunicarla quotidianamente ai nostri partner e al mio team. Aug 6, Madrid , Profile , Sales. Sorry, we had to. I think my favorite memory in Groupon was my first few weeks at the company.

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Finding welcoming people willing to help you at any moment, always with a smile on their faces. On top of that, I started in the Graduate Programme, which allowed me and my coworkers to adapt more quickly to Groupon and also become friends with each other. Integration is much simpler this way and that makes coming to work a pleasure and not an obligation.

Even though I am in the Sales department , I love my job because I get to do it in a very specific way. I have the choice to choose who I work with every day and I like when I get to show a merchant all the possibilities and benefits that Groupon can offer them. Groupon is much more than just selling deals. Is a great marketing tool that allows businesses to multiply their scope in a way that a few years ago would be impossible to even imagine.

Nowadays, the information is available for everyone, and of course, Groupon gets some benefits for it. What I like the most about working at Groupon is the possibility of working with several types of categories. I can work with restaurants, spas, wellness centers, etc.

Having the chance to negotiate with so many types of businesses is very enriching. Also, Groupon is a company that really cares for its employees , which you can see every day. I think my proudest moment was my first contract, when I realized I was good at Sales, which I loved. I think being a salesman forces me to do my best every hour of every day.

If I had to choose, I would take the great variety of restaurants and food in Madrid. Lately, for example, is trending the Hawaiian food and poke bowls. On Groupon specifically, we have this amazing deal of poke bowls that has allowed the business to show off its food to locals.

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They push me just as much as my actual boss! I love music, I enjoy going to music festivals the bigger, the better! I have plenty of old movie posters in my room—I even have a small model Delorean! Mi occupo di formazione e affiancamento dei nuovi commerciali e li seguo dai loro primi passi fino a quando sono autonomi. Le mie soddisfazioni quotidiane ci sono ogni volta che qualcuno che formo viene confermato o raggiunge dei buoni risultati!!

Sono fiera di aver fatto parte di questo processo e farne ancora parte dopo quasi 8 anni. Cosa pensano i tuoi genitori che fai? I miei genitori mi hanno seguita sin dal principio a Napoli … conoscono molto bene la nostra azienda, tramite i miei racconti, comprano spesso coupon per andare a cena con gli amici ;.. Aug 1, Featured , Madrid , Profile , Sales.

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  • It creates a very motivational environment. I work as a Merchant Developer and I am in charge of managing and optimizing a portfolio of more than clients. I love the constant interaction with clients, which allows me to develop great persuasion and communication abilities. There is never a typical day at Groupon aside from talking on the phone. That is when the negotiation starts and when you prove your capability of bringing the merchant to your side.

    Resilience inspires me. The ability to learn from difficult challenges and mistakes and use them in your advantage in order to improve. Groupon takes care of its employees and tries hard to make them feel comfortable and cheerful. Innovating with new ideas can detect new purchasing habits for future deals to be launched. What advice would you give to someone who is interested in joining Groupon Sales?

    Groupon is a very competitive company that is full of challenges, but there is also a lot of room for learning. This is the reason why having a good attitude is essential.

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    No one starts at Groupon knowing everything about how the business works or what to expect from every sales call. Nevertheless, a person willing to make mistakes and accept them with modesty as improvements will have a good opportunity of working their way up. Do not stop dialing the phone! The environment at the office is unbeatable. It is a good combination of determined people who are also very friendly and amusing at the same time.

    I believe Groupon does a good job at maintaining this equilibrium by organizing several events a year that help the development of strong relationships between its employees. You can look up from your desktop and see many concentrating faces when negotiating deals, as well as moments of stress or frustration. This is a daily routine, however the key is to understand how to cope with the stress and the higher objectives to achieve a common goal.