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But I hardly ever use it. I do use the CD player for transcribing music because its easier than lifting a needle off and on an LP.

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I would suggest that people research cartridges with care depending on the type of music you prefer most,,, There are differences.. Some are better for some types of music.

If you go for a moving coil over moving magnet,, My choice.. Great article. Bang n Olufsen with crown power. I have a 70s Philips turntable in excellent condition thinking of getting rid of it and moving up to teac or Audio Technica what do you think. Just want to say you're article on turntables is superb! I purchased my personal turntable, a United Audio Germany , after extensive fun research and comparisons, and coupled it up with a Shure V II cartridge.

Many great decades of vinyl enjoyment have followed I bought the Dual turntable in I still use it for my collection and pull its fine audio through our high-line Denon receiver, one of the last to offer phono inputs. In the last couple of years I've bought a Music Hall USB turntable to transcribe vinyl through my computers for fun and further transcription. Your wonderful article going over turntable specs really brought my turntable interests "home" as well, and I'm sure novices to this beautiful method of sound reproduction will learn and apply it's concepts.

Thanks again! Oh, the first amplifier for my brand new Dual turntable in ? A Fisher TX of course! The speakers still in use today with 14 other surrounds and dual subs? JBL naturally, in oiled walnut! Impressed that you spell 'table with an apostrophe throughout. I have my late husband's stereo system and need a turntable. Any suggestions? Thank you. I bought a pro-Jett debut carbon from Crutchfield a couple of years ago and it has served me well. My concern is when to replace the stylus.

Can the stylus be replaced on the Ortofon Red, or do I need to replace the entire cartridge? In the old days, we could replace the stylus only. Does Crutchfield offer replacements? Now they seem to have all disappeared. Does anyone still make linear-tracking turntables?

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If so, where can I find one? Why did they all go away? My turntable has a P-Mount cartridge, are replacements still available? Thanks for your help. Ahh yes that must be it, the "ritual of sliding the tonearm over the record" is so fascinating that it has led to the vinyl resurgence lately lolol. That is sound logic from Crutchfield..

Hmm, maybe..

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I wanted to mention that for the hackers out there, the audio-technica ATUSB has a lot of potential. Inside the are two circuit boards. One simply acts as a connection point to the tone arm wires, and the other is the integrated ADC and phono preamp. I removed the wires between the two boards, and removed the jumper resistor on the connection board which was tying the two negative signals from the cartridge together.

I then added XLR jacks to the back of the TT to bring out the balanced signals directly from the cartridge to a pro-ject audio pro-ject box S external preamp. The cartridge signals are all completely separate to the preamp, and the custom cables provide chassis ground via the cable shielding, broken out to a standard spade connector.

I also upgraded the cartridge from the AT that it comes with to an ATMLb available for curiously less money at Frys electronics than anywhere else. I tested a wide variety of cabling to use both for the internal wiring and the external.

The external wiring can be any decent microphone cable with a braided shield. For the internal wiring I found that cat 6 actually works the best. It has the lowest capacitance of the dozens of cables I tried. I now have about 80uF capacitance from the end of the tone arm to my preamp. The results are wonderful. Much more definition in the high end. For details and pics, reply and I'. Just saw your photo of the guy playing a record. You may want to clue him in that it's usually a good idea to use the tonearm's counterweight, in order to balance the arm and set tracking force.

CDs are lo-fi compared to good vinyl. High definition CDs come close, but still not as good. Hey, Kyle. I'm glad you found my article helpful.

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Just for the record no pun intended! The distinction, I believe, is primarily a mental one. Anyway, I will assume you're in Australia. There are lots of really good ones in that neighborhood. Best of luck in your search. Hey Dave, Thank you so much for you're article it helped a lot!

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I have recently been thinking of getting into the world of vinyl but am not really sure where to start. I've heard a turntable is considerably better than a record player so I am going to buy a turntable. If I wanted to get a pretty decent turntable set everything included what price would I be looking at? Hi, Dan. Welcome to the world of vinyl playback.

As for front-loading turntables, I seem to recall some models from Pioneer, Sony, Sansui and possibly others back in the '70s and '80's, but nothing current. The fact that no one builds them anymore makes me wonder if they had reliability or performance issues. Anyway, give us a shout if you have any more questions, or need help picking one out.

Hi Dave, I've never owned a turntable before, but I've recently gotten my hands on some vinyl and am on the hunt for my first player.

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Whatever I go with I'll be looking to integrate it into my home theater surround sound receiver, its one of the pioneer elite models. Just a few questions that I can't seem to find answers to. Do they make a turntable with HDMI output? Are there any front loading units, where all the moving parts are internal, sort of like a CD player? Thanks for your input. Steve, all I can say is, it's complicated.

Opinions vary greatly over USB sound quality. Much of what you get depends a great deal on the quality of the turntable itself where the rubber meets the road, so to speak , as well as the quality of the phono preamp electronics, not to mention the analog-to-digital converters used. From a purist's standpoint that's me! Please give our advisors a call to discuss the possibilities in greater depth. Is the sound from USB connection inferior? The sound is good from this setup but I'm wanting a little bit higher end tt such as a Rega maybe. Now, if I get the Rega I don't think is has USB or a pre-amp so I would need to purchase a preamp and I suppose connect the turntable it to the Scarlett interface's line ins?

Is this the best approach or is there a turntable that connects by USB that would be a better choice and has great sound?